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February 17, 2002
Newcomers Among Us, With Many Things To Say

April 7, 2002
The Shape of Things to Come, in Their Eyes

May 12, 2002
Oh Say, Can You See the Danger?

May 19, 2002
For children, a city both real and desired

June 23
, 2002
Memories of the City as Seen by the Poets

July 21, 2002
The Agony of Writing in a Steamy Season

September 1, 2002
Young Poets Explore the World Through their Words

September 8, 2002
Poets Help a City Find its Voice in Grief

October 13, 2002
Dedicated Poets Connect Poetry and Audience

November 13, 2002
Finding Words in a New Language

December 1, 2002
Listening In on an Earthworm

December 29, 2002
Writing of War, Pointing toward Peace

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