Old Growth

The clump of river birches went
suddenly of old age after
a lifetime of resisting
leaf blight, scale, and sawfly.

Next the hostas, bereft
of shade, suffered scorched,
leaves wan and drooping
like liver-spotted hands.

No choice but dig those
old friends out, move on and
make new plans, thumb
through the catalogs for

full-sun possibilities--ageratum,
yarrow, bee-balm, try this,
try that and guess which ones
might thrive. Prune back, it's check and

counter-check: no blossom comes
without a bill for payment due:
coreopsis, snow-in-summer,
maybe astilbe, maybe Russian sage.

You never know. That's pretty much the underlying theme of "Brightness Falls." We often think of the unexpected things that "fall" into our lives as not good--shadows fall, darkness falls. But what falls can also be something wonderful, as in my own life.

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I think of my book, Container Gardening, as a collection of poems about about what is perishable, what endures, and what makes us who we are. After my first book, Afterwords, which dealt very specifically with loss, these speak of how we pick up the pieces and go on to create the private and public worlds we inhabit

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My book, Afterwords, is a collection of poems about loss and the journey back. The writer Ken Foster has said there may be just one universal story: somebody lost something. Afterwords, too, tells a story of loss, but these poems are reminders that the "afterwords" can also speak of surviving with what remains.

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CenterPiece is a one-person play I have written and that I perform. It looks at the patchwork of life experiences we all share, from assimilating out family legends to learning about love and loss to finding our own voices and moving into the center of our lives. Click here for more info.


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